9 Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

The kidneys, located behind the abdomen in the lower back, are responsible for filtering impurities from the blood and regulate blood pressure. Cancer is an aberrant growth of cells that the body’s immune system does not recognize as abnormal. Cancer cells grow in clusters referred to as tumors and these have what is known as a “doubling factor” where each cell in the tumor doubles at the same time. This is why a patient often feels perfectly normal one day and then begins experiencing symptoms the next.

Many symptoms of kidney cancer are frequently mistaken for other problem, often leading to misdiagnoses. Because there are several types of kidney cancers, the various forms of the disease can present with different symptoms and will often times not show any signs at all until the latter stages. In fact, many kidney cancers are discovered by accident during an exam, such as a CAT scan, for a seemingly unrelated matter. Here is a list of the most commonly observed symptoms of kidney cancer to watch out for:

1) Hematuria

This is the term for blood in the urine and almost always a sign that something is not right. Hematuria due to kidney cancer is usually intermittent over a period of days or weeks and is commonly painless. Blood is frequently present during urination from start to finish. However, kidney cancer is fairy rare and there are other reasons for Hematuria. While you should see you, healthcare provider, as soon as possible, don’t just assume the worst.