Breast Cancer Screenings

Screening tests are performed prior to any cancerous symptoms appearing. These types of tests are important because cancer is easier to treat when it is diagnosed early. The number of treatment options increases, leading to a better chance the woman will survive. The two most important aspects are how far cancer has spread and the size of cancer. Breast cancer can be detected by a mammogram prior to it being felt.

Every woman in good health should have breast cancer screenings on a regular basis until she reaches the age of 75. Women between the ages of fifty and 75 have an average risk of developing breast cancer.

The recommendation is to have a mammogram every two years. Women between the ages of forty and 49 should speak with a medical professional as to when and how often a breast cancer screening should be performed.

In most cases, women under the age of thirty do not require breast screening. The process begins when the woman talks to a medical professional about the best options available for her specific needs. There are different types of breast screenings available such as mammography, ultrasound, and MRI.