Symptoms of Cancer Everyone Should Know

Sudden Weight Loss

Your body will maintain its weight, for the most part, unless you are dieting to lose weight or overeating. But, if you notice that you are suddenly losing weight for no reason, you will want to get your doctor involved. Rapidly losing weight is never good for your body. And, it's often a sign that your body might be fighting off cancer. 

Pay Attention to any Skin Changes

Freckles or spots on the skin are common, and usually harmless. The problem arises when they start to change, or if new spots suddenly appear. If you notice a a new spot or one that seems to be getting larger, taking on a different shape, or changing color, you should have your doctor take a look at it. These can be early warning signs of skin cancer. 

Body Pain

Your body is a flawless machine, and will try to tell you if something is wrong. If you are feeling any of these pains, and normal over-the-counter medications aren't helping, you need to be evaluated by your doctor.