Medical Use of Cannabis: Controversy, Studies and Benefits

Very few herbal remedies inspire the controversy caused by cannabis. The use of the herb for recreational and medicinal purposes continues to cause division. Some people worry about the risks of legalizing the substance, currently listed as a Schedule 1 drug by the federal government. The detractors believe the possible risks far outweigh the medical benefits. Patients and their loved ones often have a very different opinion.

The medical community, anti-marijuana groups, and law enforcement agencies have all prepared convincing arguments to support their beliefs. Most remain steadfast in what they think or feel regardless of any new information they receive. Supporters of hemp and THC products also refuse to believe anything but what they have experienced on their own or witnessed with others.

Studies on Marijuana and CBD Oil for Cancer Treatment are Still Limited

The effort to legalize the use of this herbal remedy for medical purposes remained delayed for decades reportedly due to the lack of reliable studies. Universities, research firms, and pharmacological companies were hesitant to launch clinical trials that included a federal and state-prohibited substance. The loss of funds and potential legal complications were the possible consequences.