Symptoms & Treatment For Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer refers to a rare kind of cancer that affects your thyroid glands. Thyroid glands are small glands found on your neck's base. It is common in individuals aged around 30 and those who are over 60. Women have a high likelihood of developing thyroid cancer compared to men. In most cases, this cancer is curable, even though it can re-occur in some cases.

One of the significant signs of this cancer is a swelling or a lump that grows in your neck, and it's painless. Let's explore more on the symptoms and treatment of thyroid cancer.

Types of Thyroid Cancer

1. Papillary Thyroid Cancer

This is a well-differentiated type of thyroid cancer. It is the one that occurs most. Women of childbearing age are the most affected. This cancer is less risky than the other kinds. It is treatable and spreads slower.

2. Medullary Thyroid Cancer

This is a type of cancer that has a genetic component. This may cause it to develop like part of endocrine gland cancer syndrome. Medullary thyroid cancer occurs in non-thyroid cells situated in your thyroid gland. Its form of treatment is different compared to the other types.